How to obtain Residence Permit and Passport in Portugal

We help you with the whole process for you to apply for the Portuguese Resident Permit and Citizenship.

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Please note that we only provide help to candidates that have prior business or managerial experience and that will maintain SELF-EMPLOYED status in Europe via creating their own business or extending a branch of their existing company or by joining an existing business as an active partner. We do NOT offer job search.


Residence Permit Portugal

Portugal allows foreign businessmen to settle in Portugal and to obtain a temporary Residence Permit.

After five years of uninterrupted stay you may apply for Permanent Residence and after six years – Passport.

The process to follow is rather uncomplicated. In fact, we apply on your behalf with the Foreigners and Border Protection service.

Once your demand is approved, you arrive to Portugal with the visa D or any other Schengen type C visa.

The Process lasts between two to four months.

From your side we will need a simple list of documents that must be translated and legalized.

Your family can apply with you. We will help you prepare the proper set of documents to ensure the highest level of acceptance.

To renew your residence permit your will need to ensure that the activity that your company performs brings economic value to the economy of the country. This means job creation, turnover or useful investments. We will help you find the proper activity and to ensure you have fulfilled all the requirements for the renewal of your Residence Permit in Portugal.

For details on costs and on the process please fill the Questionnaire.

If you wish to start the process you just need to submit us a copy of your passport, your address and make the deposit payment. If you would like more information about the program and its particularities you may schedule a meeting or a call with one of our representatives. We will charge you 150 Euros per hour. If you decide to start the process after that within thirty days we will offer you an additional discount of 500 EUR.