19th annual Better Living in Portugal exhibition (BLiP)


Thousands of visitors and more than 100 exhibitors were part of the BLiP exhibitionwhich was held on the weekend of the 12 and 13 October at the Portimão Arena.

It was an all inclusive event with a wide range of businesses showcasing their services to residents in Portugal, including everything from health care to financial services, property, consular services and much more.

2019 marked the 19th year of BLiP, an exhibition that aims to improve the quality of life for residents in Portugal .

This year the event welcomed between 5,500 and 6,000 visitors and for the first time the exhibition hosted a free of charge section, which aimed to create a space that allows the community to help.

Here, over the course of the two days, 16 charities and organisations were given the chance to physically represent themselves, raise awareness and promote a feeling of community, thus improving quality of life in Portugal.

BLiP Expo’s 20th edition will be held in Portimão Arena on the weekend of 10/11 October 2020.

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