Lisbon and Porto among the best cities for dog owners


100 cities in the world that are the best to live in as a dog owner were included to this report.

Lisbon and Porto have both made the ranking, with Lisbon on 18th place and Porto and 27th.

Indicators to be considered the most dog-friendly cities so far, included number of pet dogs, dog parks by area, dog-friendly restaurants, doggie daycares, leash obligations, rainy vs. sunny days and the number veterinarians of each city.

The top ten best cities in the world for dog owners to live in, are crowned by Miami (United States), followed by Milan (Italy), Las Vegas (United States, Tucson (United States), Bratislava (Slovakia), San Diego (United States), Venice (Italy), Minneapolis (United States), Austin (United States) and Cape Town (South Africa).

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